How to use Instagram to market your brand

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has been getting bigger and better each year. Previously, this social site was merely a place to share some of our best photo shoots and show off whatever new fashion others haven’t seen yet. But Alas! Now Instagram has grown..

Instagram introduced sharing to stories

On May 01, 2018 Instagram announced they added new sharing options from other apps. Together with that the video chat feature is the major update coming in May. There are a few other changes as well, like the modified explore feature and the camera effects platform.

How Instagram stories work

Instagram stories refer to a series of photos or videos scheduled to expire after 24 hours. According to various online research, over 250 million Instagram users post stories daily. Once you post your story, a colourful circle shows up on your profile picture…

How to create the best Instagram bio for your business

Instagram is one of the best platforms to market ones business. Unfortunately, the user bio-the part where you are supposed to describe your business in detail- is usually limited to 150 characters. This is a big challenge for new businesses that need more space…

IGTV: Instagram's video channel

Instagram has officially announced its intention of becoming a video platform that lies somewhere between Snapchat and Youtube. The video app and hub will be known as IGTV (Instagram TV) and will support long-form vertical videos. The video platform will…